Simulated Vs. Real Stone For Your Fence

Oct 31, 2023 | Simulated Stone Vinyl Fence

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There are many privacy fence products for you to offer your customers. So what makes a simulated stone vinyl fence the stand-out option?

Also, is simulated stone worth the investment? The short answer is absolutely! Here’s everything you need to know about simulated stone vinyl fences and the benefits it can bring to your clients. 

Which Is Better—Simulated Or Natural Stone?

So why install a faux stone fence when you could have real stone? 

There are definitely some significant benefits to choosing a synthetic stone. Natural stone is more expensive and more vulnerable to the elements. 

Simulated stone vinyl fences provide all the beauty and aesthetic appeal that a natural stone does but with a more durable, sustainable material. Simulated stone vinyl fences are often made with recycled materials and don’t require harsh chemicals to clean. Simulated stone also won’t chip or fade, and doesn’t require painting or resealing. 

Simulated stone vinyl fencing is also significantly more affordable compared to natural stone. It also won’t require expensive repairs or maintenance moving forward—saving customers money in both the immediate and long-term. 

Simulated stone vinyl fences perform well in various climates. All they’ll need is a quick spray with a hose or power washer periodically to look their best year after year. 

Simulated Stone Vinyl Fence

Simulated stone vinyl fences offer many of the features customers look for—style, privacy, visual and wind barriers, protection for children and pets, and more. But they also offer unique benefits that could be exactly what your clients need. 

Some of those advantages include ease of maintenance, affordability, and style. 

If you’re ready to offer the industry’s best simulated stone vinyl fence products to your customers, PrivacyLink is here to help. Call today to learn more about the benefits of simulated stone fences. 

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