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“PrivacyLink with their great sales reps that are helpful and quick to get you back pricing or information you need makes it feel way too easy. Not to mention good quality material and variety they offer. Definitely the go-to for any privacy slat projects.”

Oscar in Arkansas

“Our crew much appreciates installing the Noodlelink. It’s cost-effective and easy to install. PrivacyLink is great to work with- willing to help on pricing and quick quotes.”

Karen in Colorado

“We use PrivacyLink at every opportunity. The staff at PrivacyLink is always friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help. We always get exactly what we need, when we need it!”

Joe in Arizona

“Was there for a pickup for work. Always very prompt service. I never have to wait around very long to get whatever I need.”

Bradley P.

“I push PrivacyLink products. The cost of the material is offset by labor costs putting in slats. Everyone says putting in slats is a ‘real a** woopin’.”
Scott in Texas

“My customer tried Noodle Link last October and liked it so well that he has asked me for another Noodle Link quote for $40,000.”
Adam in West Virginia

“I like buying from you. Your material always comes in clean and wrapped up nice. I don’t like buying from other vendors because it’s always dirty and looks like it’s been sitting in a dirt field for a while. It’s hard to explain that to a customer.”
Phil in California

“Went great! No hiccups! Noodle Link is so much more effective to use. Our customer (Border Patrol) is more than pleased with the final look of Noodle Link. We had to buy a gate from somewhere else and our customer decided to slide the slats in themselves, but they soon realized how much of a waste of time it was to do that instead of using Noodle Link. Always looking for opportunities to push Noodle Link.”
Rilie in North Dakota

“Our customer loved Noodle Link, which is the most important part. Our guys also liked using it (Noodle Link), and were happy to be finished with the job a lot sooner than inserting slats themselves.”
Debbie in Colorado

“14 ft. tall Noodle Link was surprisingly easy to work with. The customer really liked working with it. He said it made the job go much easier. He thought about inserting slats into the 10 ft. tall fence, then stacking a 4 ft. tall fence on top. Noodle Link just made more sense and saved my customer a lot of trouble.”
Chris in Utah

“We used 460ft. of 8ft. tall Noodle Link and we saved ourselves a week’s worth of work stuffing slats in 100 degree weather. We loved it and will use it again.”
Tommy in Arkansas

“It only took us 5 hours to complete the job (450ft.), it would’ve taken at least 8 hours to stuff slats on a job that size, on top of the 3 hours to put up the chain link by itself.”
Dan in Illinois

“We have bought stuff from them for years. They are kind and helpful.”

William D.

“We are a fencing company in Colorado, and we’ve used PrivacyLink exclusively for our privacy slats for several years. They are a fantastic company to work with and their customer service is outstanding.”

Paul in Colorado

“We have been doing business with PrivacyLink for many years and chose to share a quick note to let them know how much we appreciate everyone and the great help we get when doing business with them.  Their website is easy to use and we really like being able to see the photos of the products they offer.  To date, we have never had any problems at all.  Materials are shipped in a very timely matter.”
Molly in North Carolina

“People are very friendly and easy to work with and they have great products! Thank you PrivacyLink!”

Kevin K.

“We proposed using Noodle Link on a large job for a major company, which was approved. The company has two locations. We were only awarded one location. The other location was awarded to another fence company that put up chain link only and hand inserted the slats afterwards. We both started at the same time. We finished more than two weeks earlier than the company that hand inserted the slats. ”
Jeff in Pennsylvania

“That was the greatest thing ever when you came out with Noodle Link! It’s way better than sliding the slats in one by one after the fence is up.”
Chris in Arkansas

“You have a hit with Noodle Link. My crews loved installing it, and it looks great when it’s up. The slats are nice and even and not choppy. I like that it’s locked on bottom and top. We will definitely be buying more.”
Tim in Wisconsin

“Like it a lot! It’s been great so far. Splicing sections together went smoothly. It has saved us a lot of time and effort to use Noodle Link instead inserting slats by hand.”
Gloria in Louisiana

“We proposed using Noodle Link on a large job for a major company, which was approved. The company has two locations (approx. 2000 ft of fence each) that are very close together. We were only awarded one location. The other location was awarded to another fence company that put up chain link only and hand inserted the slats afterwards. We both started at the same time. We finished more than two weeks earlier than the company that hand inserted the slats. The general contractor and the company we put the fence in for were very pleased. They were amazed on how fast we put up the Noodle Link fence and how nice it looked. They thought the Noodle Link fence looked better than the fence where the slats were hand inserted.”
Jeff in Pennsylvania

“The job went nice, went smooth. I really liked the way it went up. The school district loves it.”
Lenny in California

“The guys liked it (Noodle Link), there weren’t any surprises using it either. It stretched out nice and easy too.”
Josh in Arizona

“We just finished a Noodle Link job for Arby’s and it went very well. My installation guys like how easy the product was to work with. The customer was very pleased with the end product. Will let you know on the next Noodle Link job opportunity.”
Rick in Minnesota

“The guys really liked Noodle Link. It was easy to work with and it went up fast.”
Chris in New Mexico

“It seems now days it is difficult to find reliable labor, and so you have to really have more trust in the capabilities of your equipment and material you work with. I would recommend anyone to use Noodle Link.”
Mike in Ohio

“Always have a great experience with PrivacyLink. Quotes are quick. Service is great. Shipping happens fast. I enjoy working with this company.”

Brian in New Mexico

“PrivacyLink is a great partner for us in the fencing industry, their materials are always top quality, the staff and management are easy to deal with, I always appreciate how fast they are to get a quote back to me. If you are in the fencing industry do yourself a favor and give them a call, you won’t regret it.”  

Sidney in LA

“Professional, Courteous, Reasonably priced, Beautiful job. Could not be happier with our Privacylink Fencing. Thank you to you all! Yes. Yes, I would recommend quickly.”
Debbie H.

“We here at All American Fencing have been extremely happy with the service and products provided by Privacy Link. Thanks for the great service from the team at All American Fencing in Auburn, WA”
Richard in Washington

“Went great! A lot quicker than stuffing slats. It’s [Noodle Link] a perfect system, nothing wrong with it. So easy to use, only way I want to use slats is using Noodle Link. Thank you for making my job easier.”
Isaac in Arizona

“The guys haven’t complained. Looks nice, and we’re glad we don’t have to stuff the slats, we’ll just keep having you guys do it for us.”
Brenda in Georgia

“We liked it. Crews liked it too. It was faster and they liked it a whole lot better than putting slats in themselves.”
Spencer in North Carolina

“I absolutely loved Noodle Link! I honestly never want to use anything else, it was so easy to work with. It took me about 90 minutes to install 150’ of fence put up, tied down, and stretched. I was able to go home early on Christmas Eve! More importantly, my customer was completely surprised by how quickly the fence went up. I look forward to not having to stuff slats anymore.”
Mike in Michigan

“I showed our installation crew your Noodle Link YouTube videos and gave them your cut sheet with installation instructions and they installed the fence with no problems. It looks really nice and the owners were very happy.”
Sheri in California

“It was easy to install. It’s easier to just put the fence up and not stuff the slats. No complaints here, we will be placing another order soon.”
Mike in Tennessee

“Thanks PrivacyLink. Being a small contractor it’s hard going up against the larger commercial outfits and the only way we could be competitive is with your product. That’s the only thing that landed the job for us. So we are 1 for 1, which is a good thing.”
Grant in Texas

“Just finished our first Noodle Link job, my guys really liked using the material. It was very easy to stretch and weave together. Most of all, our customer was very pleased with the installation and the final look.”
Tom in Arizona

“Privacy Link is a great company with good people that care about their work. They clearly provide awesome customer service and solid fencing products.”
Garrett in Utah

“It’s a nice looking fence and having the slats already in the wire makes it easier than stuffing slats. I will tell you this, from now on I will always use this over putting the slats in myself.”
Wes in Idaho

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