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PrivacyLink® is a full-service fence company that has been providing distributors, dealers, and contractors with security and privacy fencing for the past twenty-plus years.

Steve Crosgrove, owner and operator of PrivacyLinkAn open letter about our company pledge

PrivacyLink® wants to make a difference in our customer’s bottom line by providing quality products and impeccable service, which they should expect.

As a company we realize we are in an industry that is very competitive; having said that, we want to assure our customers PrivacyLink® will not be undersold and our customers can take that to the bank.

Please give us a call if you need to discuss any quote or pricing which you need to be competitive. We want to partner with our customers and will never compromise quality or service as we strive diligently to make each one successful.

Our commitment to each customer is just a phone call away: (800) 574-1076.

two people shaking hands Our Mission

We built our business plan on several old-fashioned principles. Do you remember when a handshake was just as binding as a written contract? Or when the phrase “a man was good as his word” held true? We believe they still hold true today. In fact, we have built PrivacyLink® on those very principles.

From the very beginning, our objective has been to nurture enduring, solid relationships with all our business affiliates. Our commitment commenced with a sincere, resolute handshake, solidifying our promise to consistently supply an exceptional product at a reasonable price, accompanied by unparalleled customer service.

Rest assured that we will keep our end of the bargain when we shake hands at the beginning of a new partnership. Yes, to us a handshake is just as binding as a written contract.

Our people

The individuals working here at PrivacyLink® are an integral part of our business and key to our success. In fact, we feel that we have some of the most qualified people in the fence industry on our team. That includes everyone from our knowledgeable sales force to our caring and thorough office and inside sales staff to our hard-working production crew and to those who fill orders in our shipping department.

Each one strives to make your customer’s experience with PrivacyLink® one that will bring you back again and again for quality fencing products. We sincerely believe our happy, satisfied customers are a direct result of our team’s commitment to our company and to the customers we serve.

privacy link chain link customer service rep
privacylink fence factory worker
privacylink fence warehouse worker

Our products

From the day we opened our doors we were determined to offer only the very best fencing products. Our skilled craftsmen, working from our modern facility in Cache Valley, Utah take the highest quality materials and fabricate or assemble them into finished products. Commercial, industrial, and residential customers have chosen and have come to rely on PrivacyLink® fencing because of the quality that goes into every fence.

From the very beginning back in 1995, we were one of the very first fence manufacturers to develop and refine the process of inserting privacy fence slats into chain link fence mesh during fabrication at our manufacturing facility. We knew this would significantly simplify the installation process and ease the burden of inserting slats by hand on the job site for our customers which would save time and help improve profits. Today, we lead the way in the fence industry with our Chain Link Fence with “Factory Inserted Slats”™.

We also offer fencing products produced by other companies. We select only preferred brands and styles from top name manufacturers so that our customers can access most of their fencing needs and satisfy their customer’s requirements in one central location.

chain link privacy fence behind a palm tree
privacy chain link fence with flowers in front
chain link fence latches
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