Chain Link Fence

Galvanized & vinyl-coated chain link fencing

Chain link fences are a popular and affordable fencing solution for any yard. PrivacyLink offers chain link privacy fence options to suit any application. 

Chain link fences are often installed in both commercial properties and residential yards to add security and decoration. They are a popular fencing solution due to their affordability and ease of installation. Our privacy chain link fences are also corrosion-resistant, easy to install, and versatile, making them a great choice for almost all applications.

Our privacy chain link fences are also highly customizable to suit their application. Chain link fencing is available in galvanized metal as well as seven beautiful vinyl colors (shown below): beige, redwood, black, white, forest green, gray, and dark brown. Our fused and bonded vinyl coated chain link fence offers additional protection to the wire mesh, plus it gives the chain link a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

We provide chain link fences and chain link gate latches for everything from small backyards to huge commercial properties. If you are looking to add some privacy to your chain link fence, check out our chain link fence slats. If slatting fences isn’t your thing, we also offer privacy chain link fences with the slats factory-inserted in the mesh.

PrivacyLink® is your one-stop shop for all of your fencing needs, so we also provide chain link gate latch, hardware, and other fence fittings and accessories to complete your chain link fence.

Galvanized Chain Link Features:

  • Available heights: 3’ through 16’ (special heights available on request)
    • Galvanized Before Weaving (GBW) meeting ASTM A392 and A817
      specifications, 1.2 oz. type II, Class 4, 9 gauge and 11 gauge
    • Aluminized 9 gauge, ASTM A491, type 1
    • Special fabric diameters and finishes quoted upon request

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Features:

  • Available heights: 3’ through 16’ (special heights available on request)
  • Fabric diameters and finishes available including:
    • Fused and bonded, 9 gauge finish (10 gauge core) vinyl coated by thermally fused and bonded method per ASTM F668 specifications, class 2b
    • Fused and bonded, 8 gauge finish (9 gauge core) vinyl coated by thermally fused and bonded method per ASTM F668 specifications, class 2b

Chain Link Fence Benefits:

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Available by the job or by the truckload
  • Discounts for truckload orders
  • Certifications supplied when needed on the state, local, and federal jobs

Chain link fences are one of the most popular fences, both commercially and residentially, due to the many benefits they offer. If you’re looking for a no-frills, easy to install, low maintenance fence, chain link privacy fences are perfect for you. One of the only drawbacks of chain link fences is the lack of privacy, but if that is important to you or your customer, you can get a chain link fence with privacy slats factory-installed.

Be sure that you check out our fence fittings and hardware like a chain link gatch and more for all of your chain link fence privacy needs.

Types of chain link fence

galvanized chain link fence


vinyl coated chain link fence

Vinyl Coated

Types of selvage

twist selvage on a privacy chain link fence

Twist Selvage

knuckle selvage on privacy chain link fence

Knuckle Selvage

Chain Link Wire Colors

chain link fence available wire colors
Mix any color of slat with any color of wire. Colors shown above are digital approximations. Exact representation of colors in online material and printing is difficult. Please refer to actual color samples for accurate matching. Samples available upon request.


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    "We proposed using Noodle Link on a large job for a major company, which was approved. The company has two locations. We were awarded one location. The other location was awarded to another fence company that put up chain link only and hand inserted the slats afterward. We both started at the same time. We finished more than two weeks earlier than the company that hand inserted the slats..."
    - Jeff in Pennsylvania

    "What a time saver Noodle Link is. We will certainly use Noodle Link on our next job. We can't believe how beautiful this job turned out and it was a 10-foot installation. It was a no-brainer to consider and use this product."
    - Denise in Florida

    "My customer tried Noodle Link last October and liked it so well that he has asked me for another Noodle Link quote for $40,000."
    - Adam in West Virginia

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