Allegheny Simulated Stone Privacy Fence

(Formerly EcoStone PLUS)
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Allegheny is a durable simulated stone vinyl fence that has the look and beauty of a natural stone fence. It’s affordable and easy to install while still maintaining the beautiful appearance of a stone fence. It is the perfect choice for commercial or residential fence needs.

Allegheny simulated stone privacy fence has the look that you love of natural rocks while being made of lightweight plastic, which makes it much easier to install than a natural stone fence. This simulated stone fence comes in several natural-looking colors that look great in any yard or landscaping project.

Allegheny fences are incredibly durable because they are engineered with extremely durable steel-reinforced polyethylene. Allegheny fences block up to 98% of direct sound and stand up against harsh winds. In fact, Bufftech simulated stone vinyl fences have been tested to withstand constant hurricane winds of up to 110 MPH with gusts up to 130 MPH. Your Allegheny fence is going nowhere in a windstorm, and due to its unique construction, it will even look great after. If you’re not worried about natural disasters, you can also rest assured that your Allegheny fence can help block sound from noisy neighbors.

If maintaining a simulated stone vinyl fence is something you are worried about, don’t be. Vinyl fences require little to no maintenance and look great for years to come. The simulated stone vinyl fencing is made of durable material which means you won’t have to worry about repairs or rotting posts, even if your area has wind storms, extreme hot or cold temperatures, or other harsh weather conditions. This faux stone fence will look great for years, no matter how you treat it or how rough of an environment you live in.

Installation is quick and easy. We ship the panels pre-built so that you simply install the posts and attach the fence panels. Your new fence will be up in no time, saving time and labor.

Bufftech simulated stone vinyl fence

Available Colors

Bufftech simulated stone vinyl fence available color options

These color swatches of simulated stone vinyl fencing are only approximations. Please refer to actual color samples for final matching.


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