Decorative Chain Link Fence Privacy Slats

Learn about our various privacy fence slat products

SlatSource® privacy slats can turn a rugged chain link fence into a beautiful privacy fence. SlatSource® is part of the PrivacyLink family and is revolutionizing the privacy chain link fence game by offering decorative colors, privacy options, and extreme wind protection. We make your job easier by offering a fence with privacy slats already installed so you don’t have to waste time inserting slats by hand. Easily enhance your fence with our vinyl privacy slats! Install them yourself and enjoy added privacy. Trust PrivacyLink for all your chain link fence needs.




Selection Guide for Privacy Fence Slats

Finding the perfect mix of durability and privacy level to add to your chain link fence can be difficult. That’s why we created our selection guide for chain link privacy fence slats to help you choose the best chain link fence inserts to meet your customers’ specifications and create a beautifully clean appearance for their property!

Slats For 2″ Mesh Fence

bottom locking double wall privacy slats for chain link fence with vinyl slats

Bottom Locking

Double Wall Slats

easy install chain link fence privacy slats

EZ Slats™

Bottom-locking single-wall slat

Ultimate slats for vinyl chain link fence slats

Ultimate Slats™ (patented)

Top-locking double-wall slat

FeatherLock slats

FeatherLock™ Slats

Self-locking double-wall slat

self locking winged privacy slats for chain link fence

Winged Slats®

Self-locking double-wall slat

Slats For 3 1/2” x 5” Mesh Fence

Fin2000® Slats privacy slats for chain link fence

Fin2000® Slats

Self-locking double-wall slat

Experience the revolutionary transformation of traditional chain link fences with our PrivacyLink’s SlatSource® privacy slats. We offer not just affordability but unparalleled durability that guarantees your investment’s longevity. With a plethora of options designed to cater specifically to your needs, our privacy chain link fence slats are the new industry standard! We have meticulously engineered our vinyl chain link fence slats for a simplified installation process. They can conveniently be inserted either before or after the fence construction, offering you ultimate flexibility and ease during installation.

We want to make sure we are able to meet all of your residential and commercial privacy fencing needs by offering a wide variety of privacy slats for chain link fences. Our chain link fence slats come in an array of privacy options, as well as different colors and style options. To hold the fence slat securely in place and fit any fence or project requirements, our privacy slats have the ability to lock at the top or bottom of the inserts. Our fence experts would love to help you create a beautiful environment for your clients, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-574-1076 for all of your privacy fencing or composite fencing needs!

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