Why Ornamental Fences are Perfect for Summer

Jul 10, 2021 | Ornamental Fence

ornamental fence

We bet many of your customers are considering getting a new fence just in time for summer parties and entertaining. Ornamental fences are a popular fencing choice that we’ve seen fencing contractors install often this season. From ornamental fences for pools, pets, kids, and businesses, we guarantee our ornamental fences at PrivacyLink will be perfect for your clients this summer. Here’s why!

Unique Fence Styles Boost Curb Appeal

People love ornamental fences because they are beautiful, classic fences, and they add major curb appeal to homes. We offer ornamental fences in many styles, heights, and colors, and your customers will be sure to discover an ornamental fence they’ll love.

For classy, traditional-looking ornamental fences, we suggest exploring Regency aluminum fence options. And for more modern styles, take a look at residential Jerith fences.

No Rusting From Water or Humidity

Your customers are likely running their sprinklers frequently this summer to keep their grass looking green in the heat. Other types of fences may rust from coming into contact with water, but not our ornamental fences! Constructed with HS-35™, Jerith ornamental fences are built with a strong aluminum alloy.

Durability with the strength of steel, these ornamental fences will never rust, even around your sprinklers, swimming pool, or other humid, water-prone areas. These fences utilize a powder coat finish that is durable enough not to crack, peel, or chip.

Rest-Easy With Minimal Fence Upkeep

Nobody wants to spend their summer maintaining a yard, let alone a fence. Make sure your customers spend their summer relaxing or going on fun family trips and not worrying about their fence. Most fencing options require excessive maintenance to maintain their beauty, however, ornamental fences are simple and easy to keep looking great.

Order Ornamental Fences from PrivacyLink

Ornamental fences are sought after by many homeowners this summer season, and it’s clear why. Take the stress off your customers’ plates by offering stylish ornamental fences that are also low maintenance and durable.

Your customers can benefit from you offering ornamental fences as a customizable option this summer. Get started with PrivacyLink today!


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