Residential Aluminum Fence

Learn about Jerith Products' Residential aluminum fence

The Jerith’s Residential Fence line offers the aesthetic appeal and security of traditional wrought iron fencing without the demanding upkeep. 

This aluminum Jerith Fence enhances residential properties with its unique look, adding safety and security while complementing the architectural or landscape design of the area.

It is constructed from an exclusive high-strength aluminum alloy called HS-35TM, which has the strength of steel but will never rust, even in coastal areas or around swimming pools. Plus, these fences use a patented hidden fastener system which will not loosen with use. These strong fences will hold up over time.

Plus, Jerith’s durable powder-coated finish is guaranteed not to crack, chip, or peel for as long as you own your fence. When applied to a Jerith Fence, FencCoat™ is twice the thickness and hardness of a typical painted finish.

Residential Jerith Fences are available in a variety of designs, including SafetyPup, a fence made especially for dog owners. The rails in our SafetyPup fences for dogs are spaced closer together at the bottom, so your dog cannot get their head stuck or escape. The design is still elegant and perfect for any residential yard while adding the peace of mind that your dog is safe outside.

Concord Residential aluminum jerith fence


safety pup aluminum jerith fence designed for dogs


residential ornamental jerith fence specifications

Available Colors:

residential aluminum jerith fence color options

These color swatches are only approximations. Please refer to actual color samples for final matching.

Residential aluminum jerith fence style options
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