Benefits Of Simulated Versus Real Stone For Vinyl Fences

Mar 16, 2023 | Simulated Stone Vinyl Fence

grey stone wall

There are many advantages of stone as a fencing material. There are some downfalls as well, but luckily, PrivacyLink can combat those with an excellent product—simulated stone vinyl fences

Here are some of the benefits of simulated stone vinyl fences and how our team can deliver everything you love about stone fencing plus so much more. 


What’s To Love About Stone Fences 

Stone fences add a beautiful, rustic, natural look to a variety of landscapes. There are some unique advantages that stone fences—and PrivacyLink simulated stone vinyl fences—offer for your customers. 

  • Stone fences are durable and stable. They can hold up against the elements without rotting or damaging—including weather, heat, insects, and even fire. 
  • Stone fences are also beautiful in their construction and design aesthetic. They’re like a piece of art for your landscape. 
  • Stone fences are easy to maintain, which makes them wise investments for the future.


Simulated Stone Vinyl Fences From PrivacyLink 

With that said, there are also a few disadvantages of stone fences that can be overcome with simulated stone vinyl fences from PrivacyLink!

It can be difficult to customize or alter stone fences. They’re also challenging to repair or relocate in a landscape design, and take a lot of time to construct or build. 

PrivacyLink simulated stone vinyl fences are quick and easy to install. The panels are pre-built so all that needs to be done is installing the posts and attaching the fence panels. 

Our simulated stone vinyl fences are also virtually maintenance-free and never need painting or staining. 

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