Wooden Fence vs. Composite Fencing for Your Clients

Feb 25, 2021 | Composite Fence

wooden fence slats

Many clients love the look of a wood fence, but are less than pleased with the upkeep. If you find yourself in this position when consulting with your clients about their fencing options, PrivacyLink provides valuable solutions. 

With products like wooden fence slats and composite fence panels, your customers can enjoy the style they dream of but with added durability and ease. 

Composite Fence Panels for Your Customers

Composite fencing leads the industry in many categories. For starters, it has an eco-friendly appeal. 

Today, many people are conscious of the impact our daily choices have on the environment and our local communities. Composite fence panels help save trees and are also made of 96% recycled wood and plastic. 

Another significant reason to choose composite over wood fencing is that composite fence panels require literally zero upkeep. More durable than vinyl, composite fencing offers a rich, beautiful option that looks like natural wood but without the pitfalls.

Composite fencing is built to withstand bending and warping. It won’t splinter or rot, yet it still looks as natural as wood. 

Your customers can choose from a variety of colors and their composite fencing can be installed horizontally or vertically. You can customize designs for your clients to work with any slope, desired height, and style. 

And a plus side for you is that composite fence panels are easy to install with an interlocking picket system. 

For both you and your customers, there are clearly significant benefits to opting for composite fencing over wood or vinyl. Put your best foot forward by providing a product to your customers that delivers in every category—from price to design to durability, and everywhere in between. 

Composite Fence Panels From PrivacyLink

Take advantage of composite fencing options from PrivacyLink, and help your customers cash in on the many benefits this eco-friendly product can bring.

Get your FREE quote for composite fence panels from PrivacyLink today.

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