What Is Composite Fencing?

Aug 26, 2022 | Composite Fence

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There are many options when it comes to products you can provide for your customers. Composite fencing is one of the most popular, and one that it pays for you to sell and educate your customers on. 

Here are the basics of composite fencing, and some of the undeniable benefits it can provide for your customers and for your business. 

What’s To Love About Composite Fencing 

Wood fencing and composite fencing have some key differences. 

For many years, there were few competitors or alternatives to wood fencing. However, innovation and environmental impact have led to the development of a product that can be a better option in many ways. 

Composite fencing is a product that’s extremely appealing to customers and fence dealers alike. 

This revolutionary product is made of a mixture of real wood and plastic. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to standard wood fencing that’s also more durable. 

Composite fencing typically costs more than a traditional wood fence up front. However, composite fences last about 20 years on average with very little upkeep—significantly longer than wood fences. 

Wood fences require ongoing maintenance, including repainting, staining, and sealing. Composite fencing holds up better when it comes to exposure to weather, UV rays, insects, mold, and more. 

Natural wood tends to decompose over time, and regular maintenance aims to slow down this process. But composite fencing can withstand what regular wood can’t, and is truly built to last. 

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