Ways To Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

Nov 16, 2023 | Chain Link Fence

snowy house with Christmas decorations

With the holidays soon upon us, now is the time to start taking safety precautions to protect your home. 

We specialize in helping customers attain this goal by installing and improving their privacy fences with products like privacy fence slats

Making sure your fence is in good shape is a must this holiday season. Here are a few other tips to help protect your home. 

Holiday Protection For Your Home

  • Avoid advertising your travel plans on social media. This allows potential burglars to know when you’ll be gone and when will be the most opportune time for break ins. 
  • Inform a neighbor you know and trust when you’ll be away so they can keep an eye on your home for any suspicious activity. 
  • Ensure your privacy fence is in good shape. If you have an existing chain link fence, install additional privacy with privacy fence slats
  • Keep gifts and packages out of view through windows or outside the front door. 
  • Try installing a security camera or doorbell at your front door to keep an eye on packages. This can also help deter thieves.
  • Be aware of potential fire hazards and take precautions to protect against them. Replace frayed cords or cracked bulbs on outdoor lights. Have furnaces and fireplaces cleaned and serviced, change air filters, and check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Keep a fire extinguisher close by your oven and stove top. 

Privacy Fence Slats From PrivacyLink 

Our team can help you provide the absolute best products to your customers this holiday season and throughout the year. 

Privacy fence slats are an excellent way to add security, privacy, wind protection, and style to chain link fences. We invite you to offer the best to your customers this holiday season with quality products from PrivacyLink

Here’s wishing you and yours a happy, safe holiday season! 

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