The Smart Alternative To Wood Fence Slats

Oct 31, 2019 | VinylWood Slats

How To Properly Care For A Wood Fence
Wood fences have been popular for centuries—and for good reason. Wood is a timeless choice and provides a natural, attractive look for the exteriors of both residential and commercial properties. However, wood fences don’t come without their setbacks. Some consider chain link fences with wood slats to be a better alternative, however, those aren’t always the best choice either. 

Thankfully, PrivacyLink offers a valuable solution to those wanting the look of wooden fences with the drawbacks. 

Problems With Wood Fence Slats

While wood fence slats may be relatively affordable and are pleasing to the eye in the short-term, the satisfaction often fades quickly. 

The main issue with wood slats is their inability to hold up well in a variety of weather conditions. Wood is highly susceptible to rotting, mold, fading, and splintering. In fact, many homeowners and commercial property owners are disappointed to find out that their wood fence slats don’t last as long or stay looking as nice as they hoped. They’re also frustrated by the costs associated with maintaining and preserving their wood fences. 

The Benefits Of VinylWood Slats

PrivacyLink provides a better solution. VinylWood Slats are a great choice for individuals and businesses who want the look of wood but without the added maintenance, costs, and hassle. 

VinylWood has the appearance of wood but is made of simulated wood grain slats that can withstand any weather conditions or climate. These slats can be installed to any chain link fence and provide the natural, classic look of wood but without the headache. 

This alternative looks like real wood and provides all the desired benefits associated with a wood fence, but will make your customers happier in the long run. VinylWood Slats require no staining or painting, won’t rot or splinter, and require virtually no upkeep. 

VinylWood Slats From PrivacyLink

VinylWood Slats for chain link fences are an incredible value for you to offer your customers. They’ll be satisfied with the look, price, and convenience these slats provide, and you’ll be pleased with how this product can help boost your business.

Ready to get started? Get your free quote for VinylWood Slats from PrivacyLink today!

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