Our Top 3 Safe, Family-Friendly Fencing Options

Jul 1, 2021 | Composite Fence

Our Top 5 Safest, Family-Friendly Fences

As a fence dealer or contractor, you’re always looking for the best fences to fit your customers’ needs. Many of your customers likely have kids and pets and want the safest fencing option for their loved ones.

PrivacyLink is here to provide you with options your customers will love while keeping them safe. Here are 3 safe, low-maintenance, and affordable fence options for you to offer your customers. 

#1. Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is a safe, family-friendly fencing option that offers the beauty of wood but without the upkeep. Our variety of composite fence panels are stronger and more durable than vinyl yet soft and beautiful for those seeking a more natural-looking fence. Additionally, composite fencing is eco-friendly and made with 96% recycled wood and plastic. 

#2 – Ovation Pool Fence 

Ovation is the perfect fence solution for swimming pools or wherever you need water safety. Ovation ornamental fences were specifically designed to meet a Swimming Pool Enclosure Code developed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

These fences have nearly four feet of space between the top and bottom rails, which virtually eliminates the possibility of a small child climbing over. The Ovation fence is perfect for maximum water safety, and the aluminum construction eliminates rust.

#3 – Privacy Fence Slats

Privacy fence slats add privacy to chain link fences, without adding much maintenance. Nobody likes neighbors peering into their yards, and we guarantee your customers will feel safer knowing their kids and pets are playing in a more private yard. Our privacy fence slats are constructed to be durable, and they are resistant to severe weather conditions, salt, water, sand, road dirt, most acids, alcohol, alkaline, ammonia, petroleum distillates, and common environmental pollutants.

If you’re looking for chain link fence privacy, but don’t want to worry about maintenance, our chain link privacy slats are perfect for you.

Fence Options From PrivacyLink

Help your customers choose the safest option for their families with the help of PrivacyLink. We provide for all of your fence material needs—including the family-friendly options your customers will be seeking this season. 

Contact the professionals at PrivacyLink to get more information on composite fencing, ornamental fences, and more!

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