Pools and Fences: What Do I Need to Know?

Dec 10, 2018 | Ornamental Fence

pools and fences what to consider
If you have a pool in your backyard, you’re probably wondering about the safety rules surrounding having a pool. After all, even if you don’t have kids, there are probably kids in your neighborhood, who could sneak into your pool and seriously injure themselves or drown. As the homeowner, the responsibility falls to you to keep your pool safe. And one of the best ways to do this is a pool fence.

Laws about pool fences greatly vary by state, county, and even city. However, it’s always a good idea to have a pool fence if you have a pool, even if it’s not required where you live. Here’s what to consider to when you’re looking for a fence for your pool.


Your area probably has a rule about fence height that you should be sure to look up and adhere. If you don’t have a specific rule, your fence should be at least 4 ft. This will prevent kids from climbing the fence into your yard. Make sure that you don’t have any large objects near the fence that kids could use to boost themselves up and over the fence. A tall fence will also keep animals out of your yard and pool.

Spacing Between Rails:

Even if your fence is tall enough, if there is not a lot of space between the horizontal rails, it can be very easy to climb. Make sure that if your fence has top and bottom rails or even more horizontal rails, make sure that they are spread far enough apart that a child couldn’t use the rails to climb up.


When you’re choosing a fence to go around your pool, you need to consider the material of the fence and how durable it will be. When you have a pool, you have a lot more moisture than normal. This can cause some metal fences to rust and wood fences to rot. Choose a fence that is durable or, even better, a fence that is made especially for use around water.

Self-Latching, Locking Gate:

When you’re looking for a fence for your pool area, be sure to also look at the gate. The gate should have a lock, or else there isn’t really a point in having the fence as anyone could just open it and waltz in. The gate should also be self-latching. This assures, that the fence will always be closed and latched, even if you forget to do so.


You don’t need to sacrifice beauty in a fence to have a secure, durable barrier around your pool. Some fence styles aren’t ideal around a pool, such as a wooden fence because of the water issue, but there are many beautiful styles that you can choose when picking a safe fence. Don’t settle on a fence that you don’t like just for safety’s sake, and you can find a beautiful pool fence to suit your needs.

Fences Designed for Pools

Ovation Aluminum Pool Fence around a residential pool

While you’re looking for a pool fence, be sure to consider the Ovation pool fence. This fence is made specifically to be used around pools, lakes, and other marine areas. The aluminum is coated with a FencCoat finish that is designed to withstand moisture and harsh pool chemicals without rusting or otherwise being damaged. The gate is self-closing and self-locking for maximum security. Ovation features a beautiful design with different options for customization, and each option is designed so that kids can’t easily climb over the fence. There isn’t a better choice for pool fences!

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