Introducing Solar Fencing From PrivacyLink!

Jul 11, 2023 | Chain Link Fence

solar panels

At PrivacyLink, we’re proud to offer quality chain link fencing that delivers long-term protection for solar installations. 

Our solar fencing is a convenient, affordable, durable product that meets or exceeds solar fencing and ASTM specifications and is proudly made in the USA. 

Here are some of the many benefits our solar fencing product line provides. 

Solar Fencing Solutions

Our chain link fencing with factory-inserted slats provides unmatched security and protection for solar panel structures. It’s cost-effective, reliable, and well-built. 

PrivacyLink’s chain link fencing with factory-inserted slats is made using rugged galvanized or vinyl-coated wire. The slats are double-wall and sturdy and come in a variety of colors that can pop or blend with the surrounding landscape. 

Our factory-inserted slats are also available in various two-inch and 3 ½ by 5-inch options and can be customized according to needs for height, privacy, security, airflow, and water drainage. The slats are made from high-density polyethylene and have impressive strength and durability. They also make installation quick and easy. 

Solar Fencing From PrivacyLink 

Solar projects require protection, and we’re proud to provide the best with our solar fencing product options. 

Chain link fencing is a budget-friendly and efficient solution for use with solar projects. It is easy to maintain, protects against the elements like wind and dust, offers a visual barrier, and is also theft-resistant. 

We’re proud to serve both you and your customers with solar fencing solutions that offer optimal security and protection. 

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