Fences or Hedges: Which is Better?

Mar 12, 2018 | Vinyl Fence

fence or hedge, which is better?

If you’re looking to add some privacy or boundaries to your yard, you’ve probably found that you have two options: a fence, whether that is chain link, wood, vinyl, or anything else; or a hedge, which is a plant that is grown to provide privacy. Both are good options, so which is right for you? Let’s look into some of the differences between the two.

Fences are easy to put up and can go up almost instantly. If you want privacy this year, a fence is a good way to go. Hedges are living plants, and they have to take time to grow. It can take a year or more for a hedge to reach full height and offer full privacy. If you’re in for the long term, hedges are great, but if you want privacy this season then fences are the way to go.

Depending on the type of fence you install, your level of maintenance will vary. Chain link fences require very little maintenance, while wood fences may need to be re-stained or repaired etc. On the other hand, hedges require maintenance as well, most notably in the form of yearly or biyearly trims. In the end, this comes down to what type of fence you choose as to what will require less maintenance.

Some people love the look of a little white picket fence or a sturdy wooden fence. Other people prefer the more natural look of a hedge. However, fences are much more versatile in their appearance. Did you know that you can even get fence slats that look like a hedge? We think that fences win in terms of appearance just because of how many options there are out there.

Fences are not necessarily harmful to the environment, but if you love plants and supporting the environment, hedges are the way to go. There are lots of different types of hedges, and as long as you do your research and pick a native hedge that will thrive in your area, you can plant a hedge just about anywhere in the world. However, if you need to fence off an area that includes concrete, a fence might be the only way to go because hedges require soil.

Privacy and Security:
Hedges may offer visual privacy, however, it turns out that they are not very secure. It’s easy for an animal or an intruder to slip through a hedge. If you have dogs or are worried about animals getting into your garden, a hedge is probably not the right way to go. Fences offer varying levels of visual privacy, but they are sturdy and great at keeping both intruders and animals out of your yard.

Overall, the choice between a fence and a hedge is a personal one, and there is a different answer for everyone. We hope that this guide has helped you to decide what is best for yourself and your yard.

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