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Jun 18, 2021 | Composite Fence

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When customers come to you, they trust you to have the products and expertise to help them design a beautiful landscape with a new fence. 

Composite fencing is clearly one of the best ways to offer that to your customer for several key reasons. This low-maintenance, eco-friendly material is just as practical as it is stylish. It blends in seamlessly with natural landscapes and requires zero upkeep for your customers. 

Composite fence panels won’t warp, splinter, or fade. They’re guaranteed to last and provide the durability customers need with the aesthetic elements they want, too. 

As your trusted supplier for composite fencing, our goal is to help you have all of the tools you need to offer the best products to your customers and help them throughout the design process as well. So the next time you’re making plans with a client to install composite fence panels, have these design tips on hand. 

Vertical Or Horizontal Installation

Vertical lines can help elongate the look of a fence. They play tricks on the eyes to give the illusion of a taller structure. Customers really can’t go wrong with vertically installed composite fence panels, but this isn’t their only option. 

Horizontal composite fencing is a modern twist on the traditional composite fence. The horizontal installation provides a unique, calming look. While horizontal fences are often seen in modern designs, they also work well for more traditional homes or for a farmhouse vibe. 

Composite Fencing Color Options 

One of the most significant advantages of composite fence panels is that they look like natural wood but without upkeep. That being said, composite fencing also allows for more variation in color choices. 

Dark or almost black composite fencing can complement various outdoor siding, brick, and other elements. Dark colors provide contrast with a modern, sharp look. Composite fence panels also come in many warmer wood shades that closely resemble stained natural wood for more of a blended, organic appeal. 

Don’t Forget Added Features

In the design process, talk with your customers about adding elements like gates, post caps, and more.  

Composite Fencing From PrivacyLink

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