9 Tips To Affordably Boost Curb Appeal

Jan 19, 2022 | Ornamental Fence

9 Tips To Affordably Boost Curb Appeal
As a premium dealer, you know how products like ornamental fences can instantly add value to the homes of your customers. 

One of the many valuable tools in your tool belt is helping your customers see the value of the products and services you offer. One way to go the extra mile is to provide them with added tips and tricks that competitors in your area don’t. 

So the next time you discuss options with potential or returning customers, here are some ideas you can share for helping them increase the value and look of their home exterior. 

Increase A Home’s Value With These Simple Ideas

  1. Swap out the front door. This goes a long way at making a first impression and inviting guests in. 
  2. Add accent lighting around the foundation, walkways, in flower beds, or around other areas on the outside of the home. 
  3. Upgrade landscaping. This can be as simple as pruning and cleaning up existing foliage and trees, or planting a few new ones. 
  4. Install an ornamental fence. This highly durable, maintenance and hassle-free option gives the look of prestige and beauty to any landscape. 
  5. Clean the exterior. Have the home pressure washed and touched up as needed. Also keep gutters clear. 
  6. Make necessary repairs. This might be as simple as swapping out lightbulbs or as extensive as repairing siding or brick. A home that’s well maintained, no matter its age, goes a long way. 
  7. Install a new garage door. A modern garage door can significantly boost curb appeal and is often the first thing people notice as they approach a home. 
  8. Declutter. This includes the yard, porch, driveways, storage areas, and more. 
  9. Don’t forget to decorate. Add a personal touch with seasonal decor on the outside of the home to make it look and feel more custom and inviting. 

Ornamental Fences From PrivacyLink

PrivacyLink is the proud provider for all of your fencing needs—including ornamental fences and so much more. We look forward to partnering with you to bring value and style to your customers. 

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