Best Fences For Pets

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best fences for pets
Fences are ideal for yards with pets. They allow pets the freedom to explore the outdoors while also ensuring they and others are safe and protected. 


A key element of securing your outdoor space is a fence. There are many types and options available for pets. Let’s check out a few examples—including privacy slats for chain link fences


Considerations For Pet Fences 


It’s important to keep in mind that pets, dogs especially, are pro at escaping to explore outside their yard. Making sure your fence is secure is essential to keep your pet and other people like kids or neighbors out of danger. 


It can be helpful to watch and identify your specific pet’s motivation for trying to escape and see if there are any steps you can take to prevent it. For example, they may be lonely and trying to get out to be with other animals or they may have a lot of extra energy they need to release. 


Also pay attention to how they’re escaping—like climbing up and over the fence or digging a hole underneath it. 


If you have a small dog, it’s best to avoid fences with wide picket spacing. You’ll also want to make sure your fence is tall enough that your dog can’t clear and jump over it. Dogs can also sometimes figure out how to open gates. 


Many dogs with strong jaws can also chew through fences made of materials like wood.


Taking all of these considerations into account, here are a few options you can explore to choose what’s best for you and your pet: 


Vinyl fence. This is one of the most expensive options, but durable and requires little maintenance. You’ll want to make sure the pickets don’t have too much space between them for a pet to escape. 


Chain link fence. These fences are characterized by metal posts and wire mesh. It’s weather resistant, low maintenance, and built to last. Plus, privacy slats for chain link fences are available for additional privacy and wind protection. 


Stone fence. This type of stone makes it trickier for a dog to dig beneath. However, stone fences can be expensive and not tall enough for some dogs. 


Aluminum fence. Aluminum is a great low maintenance option. It does have pickets, but you can choose an option that can still keep small pets in. 


Wooden fence. Wood fences are made of tall slat boards. They provide good height and privacy. However, they do tend to be expensive and intensive to care for and maintain.


Privacy Slats For Chain Link Fences


PrivacyLink offers pre-inserted privacy slats for chain link fences, or can also add privacy slats to existing chain link fences.


Additional privacy can be beneficial for pets by helping prevent escape attempts, distress, and barking. This is an excellent and cost effective product to try for pet owners. 


Get a FREE quote for chain link privacy fence slats today.

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