Aluminum vs. Steel: Which Is Better Fencing Material?

Jan 28, 2020 | Ornamental Fence

Liberty Aluminum fence

Beautiful ornamental fencing serves several different purposes. Not only is it necessary for pets, security, and privacy, but it also makes a significant impact on both the resale value and overall appearance of a home. 

Clearly, the fencing options your customers choose for their homes are of the utmost importance, and one of the most debated elements is which material is best for an ornamental fence

Aluminum Or Steel Ornamental Fencing? 

Your customers likely come to you with any questions, and it’s important that you’re prepared to answer them. You likely already provide both aluminum and steel fencing for your customers due to the many benefits they offer. But how can you best help them decide between the two? 

Here’s a simple breakdown of a head-to-head comparison. 

Steel fencing is highly durable and provides long-lasting protection around a home or commercial property. In fact, steel is stronger, offers better security, and will last longer than aluminum. Steel fencing also comes in many different varieties so your customers are sure to find a style they love. 

However, steel fencing is heavy, which can mean higher shipping costs for both you and your customers. But if cost isn’t a significant concern, this could be a great option for your customers to have installed around their home. 

Although steel fencing may be more durable than aluminum, there are some cases where aluminum is a better option for your customers. Aluminum fencing can be recycled later on down the road, which is a key selling point for those who are particularly environmentally conscious. 

Aluminum fencing mimics the look of steel but comes with a less expensive price tag. It’s also lightweight, meaning cheaper to ship and install. It also still checks the boxes of resisting rust and corrosion—making it a competitive option for your customers. 

Ornamental Fencing From PrivacyLink

So which is better, aluminum or steel? The simple answer is, it really comes down to budget and preference. Aluminum is more cost-effective overall, while steel can outperform aluminum in terms of durability. 

The good news is, PrivacyLink provides both aluminum and steel ornamental fencing options for you to offer your customers. Fill the need for each of your customers with help from PrivacyLink. 

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