6 Ornamental Fence Ideas

Aug 19, 2021 | Ornamental Fence

ornamental fences

Ornamental fences are low maintenance, durable, and stunningly beautiful. It’s no surprise then that these are such a popular choice among home and business owners. 

Offering ornamental fences to your customers is a wise choice. With all of the heights, colors, and styles available, you have a wide variety of choices to offer that are sure to appeal to each person and project. 

Jerith Aluminum Fencing from PrivacyLink is made using aluminum alloy. The strength and durability of this material are simply unmatched. It won’t rust—even in areas of exposure to extreme moisture. It also won’t chip, peel, scratch, or crack. We also offer ornamental steel wire fencing that is highly durable, strong, and beautiful from a design standpoint. 

Your customers are sure to love the ornamental fences PrivacyLink provides. All of our ornamental fences come with outstanding warranties and satisfaction guarantees. These are clearly a win-win option both for your business and for your customers. 

Let’s take a closer look at the ornamental fences we offer, and the uniqueness each of them brings. 

Liberty Fence

This is a Jerith aluminum fence with a sleek, simple design for those that want a cost-effective, modern option. Liberty fences come in black or bronze and five different styles.

Residential Fence

This is another aluminum fence option with a distinct architectural appearance for any landscape. It even comes in a SafetyPup design made especially for dog owners. PrivacyLink residential fences are available in four colors and eleven different styles. 

Regency Fence

Regency aluminum fences are larger and 33% stronger than standard residential fences without looking too bulky or industrial. It comes in four different color options and seven different styles.

Commercial Fence

We also offer commercial and industry aluminum fences that are heavy-duty options for commercial or industrial properties or high traffic areas. Choose from four different colors and three different styles. 

Ovation Pool Fence

Our ovation aluminum pool fence is an excellent option for areas like pools that require added safety. It features self-closing and self-locking gates and comes in four different colors and seven different styles for both residential and commercial use. 

Ornamental Steel Wire Fence

We also offer a Patriot Welded Wire Fence made of galvanized and powder-coated steel. This can be installed in various different patterns. It is also extremely strong—one section alone can hold over 500 pounds without deforming the fence.

Ornamental Fencing

PrivacyLink is proud to offer a solution for all of your customers’ ornamental fencing needs.

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