5 Reasons To Install Noodle Link Fencing

Jun 1, 2023 | Chain Link Fence

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There are a variety of products we proudly offer to help you best meet both the wants and needs of your customers. 

Noodle link fencing is one such product. It also helps save precious time and money while simultaneously offering all that your customers expect and deserve. 

Here are some of the benefits of noodle link fencing and what makes this an excellent product for you to offer your customers. 

What’s To Love About Noodle Link Fencing

  1. Slats are inserted and locked in at the factory. This means that the slats will already be in place in the wire when you receive them. This saves significant time and labor. 
  2. Installation is easy and simple with noodle link fencing. All you’ll have to do is hang the fence with the pre-inserted slats already in place.
  3. You and your customers can also save money with noodle link fencing. This product costs less than buying and installing a chain link fence and slats separately. 
  4. Slats are an excellent way to add privacy and wind protection to chain-link fences. In fact, we have options that provide up to 98% wind load and privacy factors. 
  5. Noodle link fencing also adds style to both commercial and residential properties. It’s available in a variety of both slat and chain link wire colors as well as installation patterns. 


Noodle Link Fencing

All of these benefits and more are within reach for your customers. We’re proud to help you offer the absolute best products—including noodle link fencing

We’re here to partner with and support you in your efforts to serve our mutual customers! 

Get your FREE quote for noodle link fencing from PrivacyLink today.

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