3 Ways To Add Privacy To Your Fence For Summer

May 26, 2020 | Composite Fence

Galveston Textured Vinyl Fence

3 Ways To Add Privacy To Your Fence For Summer

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to get your home and yard ready. Among the home improvement projects to tackle this spring is sprucing up a fence—and simple, affordable solutions like wooden fence slats and chain link fence privacy can make a difference in a big way. 

One of the top features home and business owners look for this time of year when it comes to their fences is additional privacy. For families who live on a corner lot or a busy street, privacy is essential. Plus, a privacy fence can go a long way in boosting curb appeal by hiding unsightly structures they would rather conceal. 

Whether your customers are on the lookout for a cost-effective upgrade or more extravagant overhaul for added fence privacy, PrivacyLink has the perfect product—and here are three to get you started. 


Wooden Fence Slats

Many customers choose chain link fences over other options for their durability, affordability, and ease of installation. And if they want the look of beautiful wood fence slats, our VinylWood® fence slats are the perfect choice. 

These vinyl wooden fence slats require less upkeep and won’t rot, splinter, or break like real wood so often does. This product delivers the classic, natural look of wood without the replacement costs or maintenance of real wooden fence slats. 

VinylWood® fence slats feature double-wall vinyl slats that look exactly like real wood, but are much stronger and don’t require staining or painting. 

For a solution that adds privacy to any chain look fence, there’s no better choice than vinyl wooden fence slats from PrivacyLink. These self-locking slats are easy to install and add a stunning, sophisticated, natural look to chain link fences on both residential and commercial properties. 


Chain Link Fence Privacy

To make any chain link fence a work of architectural art plus add the function of privacy, try our array of chain link fence privacy products. 

We proudly offer a variety of decorative chain link fence privacy slats to meet the needs of every customer. Our chain link fence privacy options offer wind protection, color, and of course privacy to various properties. Plus, chain link slats are more durable, longer-lasting, and affordable compared to other options. 

Add a beautiful touch and function to any rugged mesh chain link fence with our slat options that meet every need, style, and budget. 


Install A New Privacy Fence 

Of course, if budget allows, there’s always the option of installing a new fence for added privacy. PrivacyLink proudly offers several options for privacy fences that make a stunning design statement rather than adding an unsightly barrier around residential and commercial properties. 

Your customers can choose from various options like highly durable simulated wood and natural stone fences, concrete fencing, low-maintenance composite fences, vinyl fencing, and more. 


Add Privacy With Chain Link Fence Slats

PrivacyLink has a solution for each one of your customers. They’ll enjoy added privacy and style to chain link fences or install the new fence of their dreams with your help and ours. We look forward to supplying you with every fencing solution you and your customers need. 


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