5 Yard Projects To Tackle This Fall

Sep 22, 2020 | Chain Link Fence

chain link fence fall

There are many outdoor projects that, if tended to in the fall, can really pay off when the spring season rolls around. PrivacyLink, your leading supplier of privacy for chain link fences, is sharing a few tips and tricks that can help your customers get their yards in shape this time of year. 

#1 – Clean out rain gutters. 

It’s understandable how rain gutters often become out of sight and out of mind when it comes to outdoor projects. However, it’s important to keep gutters clear—especially going into the upcoming winter season. If a gutter is clogged during a heavy rainstorm or snowmelt, water can overflow, damaging landscaping as well as a home’s foundation. 


#2 – Give the lawn some TLC. 

Early fall is the perfect time to feed your lawn. And if you do this soon enough in the season, you’ll have time to feed it once more about six weeks later before the ground freezes. Fall is also an ideal time to plant a seed in patches of dead grass or aerate your lawn so the grass grows back lush and full in the spring. 


#3 – Care for fences. 

The fall climate is a great opportunity for routine fence maintenance, including power washing, staining, sealing, and repairing. This is also a perfect window for adding some chain link fence privacy with slat inserts. For a budget-friendly upgrade that adds privacy, function, and style to existing chain link fences, there’s really no better option than chain link privacy fence products from PrivacyLink. 


#4 – Add new landscaping.

Mild fall temperatures are ideal for adding shrubs and bushes to your yard. Planting in the fall allows the roots to become established before winter and ready to take on the summer heat next season. You should also plant bulbs for next year’s spring flowers during the fall season. 


#5 – Rake up leaves and other debris.

If left untouched, dead leaves can smother grass, prevent its growth, and even kill it in some spots. Waste can also become a shelter for rodents and other pests. Each fall, rake up all of your leaves either onto a tarp for easier removal or into plastic bags. You may also consider mowing the leaves down into mulch that can be gathered and used to fertilize flower beds or vegetable gardens.


Privacy For Chain Link Fences

PrivacyLink has you covered when it comes to the products your customers need for fall fence maintenance. We’re here to support and supply you with chain link privacy options and more. 

The satisfaction of your customers is our ultimate goal. We look forward to serving you.


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