Get the Look of a Wooden Fence for Less With Chain Link Slats

Jan 29, 2021 | Chain Link Fence

wooden fence slats

Many customers love the look and feel of a wood fence. But if chain link is the existing material they have to work with, what’s their best option?

The initial thought may be to tear down the chain link and start from scratch by building a new fence. However, PrivacyLink has some viable options that are much more affordable and convenient. 

Chain Link Privacy Fence Slats

Today, there are many ways to work with chain link fences in order to meet the functional and design needs of your customers. In fact, we have chain link fence slats for virtually every commercial and residential property.

So if your customer loves the look and privacy of a wood fence, suggest wooden fence slats. This is a product that encompasses the design appeal and privacy benefits of a wood fence but for a more affordable price—plus with added durability. 

Help your customers understand that tearing out their chain link fence and replacing it may not be necessary. Wooden fence slats deliver the look they’re longing for but without the cost of a total fence replacement. 

Our wooden fence slats are also highly durable and built to withstand various weather conditions. Plus, they’re simple and affordable to replace—although this is seldom needed given how heavy-duty they are. 

Any chain link fence can become a privacy fence with our wide variety of slats. Your customers are sure to find an option that will be a wise and stylish upgrade for their homes and businesses. 

Wooden Fence Slats From PrivacyLink

Our team is here with the ultimate goal of helping yours be successful. An essential element of that is by providing products to your customers that offer both incredible value and also curb appeal. 

Our wooden fence slats do just that by making existing chain link fences more private and attractive. 

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