Why Should We Upgrade Our Fence?

Sep 21, 2020 | Chain Link Fence

privacy fence slats

A common question we receive as fencing professionals is – when and why should we upgrade our fence?

Our team decided to dive into the common reasons homeowners ultimately decide to upgrade or add fencing to their home or business. From vinyl fencing to adding privacy fence slats to chain link fencing, your upgrade options can all be found at PrivacyLink.com (shameless plug).

Here are the top reasons homeowners should consider a privacy style fence upgrade:

#1 – Privacy for your family or company. Adding a privacy fence can make you feel so much more comfortable spending time outdoors. From private parties to sunbathing, it can be very convenient to have a private area for your home. When it comes to businesses, a private courtyard with fencing can create a nice atmosphere for work meetings and employee lunches.


#2 – If you have pets that spend time outside, a privacy fence option will keep them safe from cars or other wild animals. Another benefit is the peace of neighbor’s dogs or animals. Privacy slats inserted into chain link fences will keep your pets from barking or making loud noises when they see other animals walk by.


#3 – Families with children may prefer to upgrade their fencing option to include the privacy option for protection. In all types of neighborhoods, it can give you peace of mind knowing your kids cannot run into the street and are safe from dangerous people looking in.


#4 – If you have valuable toys like bikes, snowmobiles, or a grill stored in your yard you may want to keep it out of sight. Sheds or chains/locks can provide a type of security, but installing a privacy fence can offer an extra level of protection.


#5 – While regular chain link fences look okay at schools, adding vinyl slats can change the look completely. Proper fencing can also increase your home value by bettering the curb appeal. In the meantime, you can enjoy a beautiful privacy fence every time you step outdoors.


If you’re looking for a good privacy fence to add to your yard, PrivacyLink has a wide variety of options. Check out our vinyl privacy slat options or vinyl fencing.

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