Can Your Vinyl Fence Be Painted?

Feb 12, 2020 | Vinyl Fence

vinyl fence

Did you give your house a fresh coat of paint, and are wondering if you can freshen up your vinyl fence with a new color? The short answer is–yes. You can paint your vinyl fence and vinyl fence slats. The long answer is–you don’t necessarily need to.

Just like painting anything else, painting your vinyl fence needs to start with cleaning and prepping the surface. Soapy water and a hose to rinse your fence off should do the trick. Many people get through the cleaning and prepping phase of painting their vinyl fence and vinyl fence slats and decide not to paint after all. That’s the power of beautiful vinyl. It stays much nicer for longer. Sometimes all it needs is a good cleaning to look fresh again.

If you are still gung-ho about giving your vinyl fencing another color, it is recommended that you rent a paint sprayer. Depending on how long your fence is, a sprayer might help the process along quite nicely. Paint sprayers can also help keep the paint even. Keep the tip 11 inches away from the vinyl, spraying vertically the pickets and horizontally the rails. If each paint streak is overlapped halfway, the finished product will be beautiful.

Color does make a difference when it comes to picking or painting your vinyl fence and vinyl fence slats. Neutral colors will remain classic for years to come, and will save you the work of painting again and again with new trends. PrivacyLink makes long-term durable vinyl fences that are UV protected and do not require painting or staining. Our fences are impervious to moisture and termites, and will enhance the appearance and value of your property.

When you paint your vinyl fence, it is important to use epoxy-based primer and topcoat that will slow down mold and mildew buildup and actually stick to the vinyl. Using paints with a latex or oil base will stick at first but peel off very quickly.

There are many benefits to installing vinyl fences and vinyl fence slats for your homeowners. They are low maintenance, will not flake, splinter, or rot, and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. If that hasn’t convinced you, they are also impervious to termites and moisture, with beautiful color options. For more information, and images to show your customers, check out our product page on PrivacyLink® Vinyl Fencing.

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