What Makes Vinyl an Excellent Material for Chain Link Fence Slats?

Dec 30, 2020 | Chain Link Fence

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It’s clear that privacy slats for chain link fences can bring incredible value to your customers. This functional, affordable option has proven profitable for many of the fence dealers we supply—which is truly our ultimate goal. 

So when exploring which products to offer your clients, what makes chain link vinyl slats such an excellent option? Of the many fence slat materials available, vinyl provides some key benefits—including the following. 

Chain Link Fence Vinyl Slats

Vinyl material is used in creating many different types of products. But why chain link fence slats

For starters, vinyl is a glossier, brighter option compared to many other materials. It provides a crisp, clean look that really makes an impact. Vinyl is also extremely resistant to cracking and damage, as well as wear and tear often associated with extreme weather conditions and regular use throughout the year. In fact, vinyl doesn’t scratch or get damaged easily and is even flame-resistant.

Vinyl is also available in various patterns and colors, which means your customers are sure to find a design that’s truly unique. 

Another attractive quality of vinyl is how easy it is to clean and sanitize, and how resistant it is to stains. To put it simply, vinyl is waterproof, weatherproof, UV resistant, fade resistant, durable, and strong. It’s also much more affordable compared to other materials. So if you want a material that’s just as durable as it is aesthetically appealing, vinyl is an ideal option. 

Vinyl Chain Link Fence Slats From PrivacyLink

Consider PrivacyLink your partner in bringing the highest quality products money can buy to your customers for a reasonable price. Cash in on the benefits chain link vinyl slats—a product that will please you customers and can also help you business flourish. 

Learn more about the various vinyl chain link fence slats available from PrivacyLink.


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