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Chain link fences have been around for decades. However, they’re anything but outdated—especially with the products PrivacyLink has to offer like a chain link fence gate latch

Rethink the traditional chain link fence with this quality product that truly can improve its look and function for your customers. 

Why Choose A Chain Link Fence Latch? 

We’re proud to provide D&D Technologies latches that are a revolutionary breakthrough in latching security for fences around a variety of properties like homes, businesses, swimming pools, and play areas. 

These chain link gate latches are durable to withstand the elements and resist corrosion. Their engineered polymer and stainless steel composition is sure to stand the test of time. 

Additionally, a D&D chain link fence gate latch is adjustable to virtually any fence. It’s common for gates to fall out of alignment over time whether by the ground settling or children hanging on to them. But because these chain link fence latches have self-closing tension and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, they easily adapt and continue to work properly even when the placement of the fence changes. 

The D&D chain link gate latch is also quick and easy to install with no special tools or welding required—which is a significant plus for you as a fence dealer and installer. Our chain link fence gate latch products are also the highest quality and value for both you and your customers due to their versatility. All chain link fence latch models fit both left and right hand and work on either in-swing or out-swing gates. 

Chain Link Gate Latch From PrivacyLink

Whatever your customers’ needs, we have the perfect chain link fence latch option. D&D latches come in many different specifications and designs for both residential and commercial properties. Whether your customers need a cost-effective general latch for garden gates or home fences or a high-security self-locking latch, we have a product to meet the need. 


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