Where It’s Best To Use A Semi-Privacy Fence

Feb 28, 2022 | Chain Link Fence

yard with green grass

Your trusted fence supplier at PrivacyLink proudly provides a variety of semi-privacy options for you to offer your customers—like noodle link fencing. But when is it best to use a semi-privacy fencing option, and how can you help your customers envision this for their landscape?

There are a few simple rules of thumb when it comes to semi-privacy options like noodle link fencing, and where these can provide the most benefit. 

So as you discuss options with your customers and clients, here are a few considerations that can help them decide where to have noodle link fencing installed. 

Semi-Privacy Fence Options

A semi-privacy fence looks the same from both sides, and allows for some light and visibility to pass through. They also offer better wind protection while still providing security, too. 

This type of fence generally works well in a variety of residential and commercial landscapes, including the following areas: 

  • For those who still want interaction with their neighbors. Noodle link fencing looks great from both sides—which benefits both neighbors. It also allows for interaction between properties, but still gives the privacy needed. 
  • Semi-privacy fences are great when you need to fence off just a small portion of your yard, like a tank, HVAC unit, garden, or outdoor barbecue. 
  • For those looking for additional privacy but with a relaxed feel, semi-privacy can be a great option. It also works well for properties on a busy street.
  • Semi-privacy fences do a great job at protecting areas from wind, bugs, and pests. 
  • For areas that are hit with a lot of wind or sun, semi-privacy fences do a great job at protecting vulnerabilities like plants or play structures. 

Noodle Link Fencing

When it comes to semi-privacy, noodle link fencing is an excellent option. It’s easy to install, highly durable, and comes in a variety of color combinations for a unique look. 

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