Update Existing Chain Link Fences With Decorative Privacy Slats

Jan 28, 2019 | Chain Link Fence

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As a premium fencing dealer, there’s a solution that can help you reach even more customers.

By offering slats for chain link fence, you can benefit your customers by offering an affordable option to transform their fence while boosting your business in the process. Offering chain link fence slats allows you to reach customers that have an existing chain link fence and aren’t looking to pay for an entirely new fence but still want to upgrade their look. 

Benefits Of Chain Link Fence Slats

Our variety of durable, chain link fence slats provide added privacy, protection from the wind, and a pop of color to your customers’ landscapes.

Many customers are unhappy with their dated, harsh chain link fences but don’t have the budget, time, or other resources required to replace their fence entirely. Decorative privacy fence slats—often installed in new chain link fences as well—provide an option for these customers to improve the appearance of their existing fences at a much lower price point than installing a new fence. 

A Variety Of Chain Link Fence Slat Option

Another benefit is the limitless, customizable fence slat options available for your customers. We offer 2 inch, 3 and a half by 5 inch, and universal fence slat options in a variety of different colors. These slats can be installed in a variety of patterns as requested by your customers.

See which privacy fence slat options you should choose with this helpful selection guide. We encourage you to share this guide with your customers too as you work together to make the vision they have for their fence a reality.

Slats For Chain Link Fencing From PrivacyLink

Ready to offer this versatile fencing option to your customers and grow your business? We look forward to working with you!

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