The Two Fence Slat Options That Provide The Most Privacy

Nov 17, 2020 | Chain Link Fence

Winged Slats for chain link fence privacy

When discussing product options with your customers, you may notice that many are looking for an affordable way to add privacy to their existing chain link fences. Having the right products to meet their needs when they come to you is critical.

PrivacyLink is the proud provider of various fence privacy slats. Here are two of our most popular products that offer the highest level of privacy.

Aluminum Chain Link Fence Slats

This is a product that offers incredible value both in terms of privacy and also budget. Aluminum slats for chain link fences come in a variety of different colors and patterns that can be combined in a unique way for each of your customers. These are also an affordable option to work with an existing chain link fence and make it more stylish and functional.

Aluminum chain link fence slats are also easy to install, highly durable, and require very little if any maintenance. And above all, they provide 98% approximate privacy. 


Winged Chain Link Fence Slats 

Winged slats for chain link fences are another product that offers high levels of privacy—approximately 95%, in fact. Compared to most other fence privacy slats, winged slats provide significantly more privacy. 

Winged slats for chain link fences are self-locking with serrated “wings” that provide additional security. They either come pre-inserted or can be installed later to an existing chain link fence. The options available with this product can help you meet the various needs and preferences of your customers. 


Fence Privacy Slats From PrivacyLink

Our goal is to help your business succeed by providing the best fencing products money can buy. Privacy fence slats are the ideal solution that offers multiple benefits—like affordability, ease of installation, added privacy, and personalized style. 


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