Tips To Trim Grass Around A Chain Link Fence

Apr 12, 2023 | Chain Link Fence

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As the industry leader for revolutionary products like chain link fence privacy slats, we have a variety of tips and tricks in our wheelhouse! 

Spring landscape and fence maintenance is a valuable resource you can offer to your customers. We are frequently asked by contractors what is the best way to trim grass around chain link fences. Don’t worry! The team at PrivacyLink has your back! 

Lawn Care With A Chain Link Fence 

When mowing a lawn, it’s important not to get too close to fences and other landscape structures. But with that said, trimmers can do the job when it comes to controlling the grass under a chain link fence. 

Trimming the grass around and under a chain link fence gives the yard a polished, groomed look. Trimmers or weed whackers can do wonders, but should be used properly. Here are some basic steps: 

  1. Make sure you purchase a trimmer that’s your correct height so you can stand upright without having to bend down or overreach. 
  2. Use a plastic trim line, not metal as this can damage chain link fencing. 
  3. Wear eye and ear protection when using a weed wacker. It can be helpful to wear long pants, sleeves, and gloves to protect your skin from debris.
  4. Trim in the correct direction. If the trimmer spins clockwise, move from left to right. If it spins counterclockwise, trim from right to left. 
  5. Walk slowly and trim as close to the fence line as possible. Go over the area multiple times if you need to. 
  6. Trim one side of the fence first, then the other. 
  7. After you’ve trimmed both sides, there may still be long grass directly under the chain link fence. To remove this grass, go in the opposite direction as you did prior and gently accelerate the trimmer as you hit the chain link fence. Go over multiple times if needed. 


If the weed wacker still isn’t doing the trick, you can always trim the grass by hand or use weed/grass killer in that specific area. 


Chain Link Fence Privacy Slats

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