Tips To Prevent Damage To Your Chain Link Fence

May 14, 2024 | Uncategorized

chain link fence
One of the most significant draws to chain link fences is their durability and ease of maintenance. Once you have one installed, you should have to do very little to care for it. 


With that said, there are a few simple practices you can implement to keep it in good shape and also some signs of vulnerability to damage that you can watch out for. 


And if you’re looking to get even more out of your fence, PrivacyLink provides a variety of products to create a chain link privacy fence that’s more aesthetically pleasing and also offers additional privacy and security. 


Caring For Your Chain Link Fence 


  • Treat rust at first sight. Chain link has a durable galvanized coating that prevents rusting, so this shouldn’t be a common issue. But if rust does occur, it’s the worst enemy to the longevity of a chain link fence. It not only downgrades the fence’s physical appearance, but can corrode and compromise the structural integrity of your fence. Refinish the chain link with an anti-rust coating as needed.


  • Repair physical damage quickly. Pay particularly attention to supporting posts and hardware. 


  • Keep a safe distance between chain link and any potential flames. Fire removes the galvanized finish that protects chain link and can make it wear down faster.


  • Be aware of trees and other plants around your chain link fence. Vines, trees, hedges, and other plants can interfere with the structure of the fence if they grow through the chain link. They can also lift the fence out of the ground and create holes or openings in the chain link. 


  • Chain link fences are very low maintenance and shouldn’t need much cleaning. However, it makes a difference to hose down or scrub your fence periodically to remove dirt, debris, and moisture. 


Why Choose A Chain Link Privacy Fence? 


Privacy slats for chain link fences are an excellent way to implement privacy, wind protection, and customizable design for your landscape. 


Our team is here to help you enjoy your very own chain link privacy fence and the many benefits this product provides. 


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