Tips To Make Your Yard Safe For Spring And Summer

Apr 26, 2024 | Uncategorized

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At PrivacyLink, we specialize in fences and accessories that help make residential and commercial spaces more aesthetically pleasing and also more safe and secure. We offer a variety of products to help with this goal, including options for a chain link gate latch


You want your kids and pets to explore freely—especially during the warmer months. It’s also important for them to be protected from harm in the process. 


Here’s how to make your yard a safer place for them to get out and experience all that spring and summer has to offer. 


Landscape Safety Tips


A great starting point is to establish clear safety rules and habits. Here are some examples: 


  • Keep gates closed


  • Play away from garages, sheds, or other structures


  • No throwing rocks or running with sticks


  • Install a fence and ensure it’s properly maintained


  • Make sure your fence is tall enough and sturdy enough so children and pets can’t climb or escape


  • Thoughtfully choose the type of fence that’s best for your home in terms of material, privacy, and maintenance 


  • If there’s a swimming pool or hot tub in your yard, make sure it’s enclosed with a fence around all sides


  • Have a locking gate that kids can’t easily open and that also keeps people from entering from the outside


  • If there’s a trampoline in your yard, help reduce the risk of injury by keeping it away from trees or fences, installing an enclosed net around it, and covering the springs


  • Keep playground equipment and toys in a separate spot from BBQs, fire pits, and other potentially hazardous areas


  • Check play equipment regularly for safety. Ensure there are no loose boards or screws, or bees or other insects


  • Check your grass for holes or other trip hazards


  • Store tools and other potentially dangerous items or chemicals in a shed with the door locked


  • Avoid harmful or poisonous plants in your landscape 


Chain Link Gate Latch From PrivacyLink


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