Help Your Customers Install Trex Composite Fencing Before Summer

Apr 28, 2021 | Composite Fence

Help Your Customers Install Trex Composite Fencing Before Summer

We’re well into the spring season, and now is the perfect time to help your customers tackle projects that have been lingering on their to-do lists. 

An essential element of both a safe and aesthetically pleasing yard is the fence. Here’s where you can deliver with an eco-friendly, stylish option your customers will love—Trex composite fencing

There are many features that make Trex composite fencing a win-win both for your business and for the customers you serve. Let’s take a deeper look at why this product stands out compared to many other materials, and why now is the ideal time for you to offer Trex composite fencing prior to the summer season. 

Composite Fence Panels For Spring

Now is the time to install new fencing before the busy summer season hits. It pays to have a variety of industry-leading products to offer your customers like Trex composite fencing

This is a neighbor-friendly option that has a beautiful, natural design. Trex composite fencing comes in a variety of colors and is able to be customized for various styles, heights, and slopes. It can also be installed horizontally or vertically for a completely unique look. 

Another advantage of composite fence panels is how easy they are to install with an interlocking picket system. Trex composite fencing is also low maintenance and requires virtually zero upkeep. It’s specifically designed to prevent bending and warping and withstand the elements year-round. 

Your customers can rest easy knowing their fences are highly durable as well as eco-friendly. Trex composite fencing is made with a unique mix of 96% recycled wood and plastic, which is better for our global and local community. 

Trex Composite Fencing From PrivacyLink 

We’re your partner in providing the industry’s best fencing products for your customers. Spring is the perfect time to install a fence, and you can stay competitive in your local market with Trex composite fencing from PrivacyLink. 

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