Functional And Stylish Chain Link Fence Slats

Aug 25, 2020 | Chain Link Fence

slats for your chain link fence

As a fencing dealer, you’ve probably received countless requests from clients looking to up the functionality and visual appeal of their chain link fences. The good news is, PrivacyLink proudly offers a wide variety of privacy fence slats and chain link fence plastic slats that can boost the value of chain link fences in more ways than one. 

Benefits Of Chain Link Fence Plastic Slats

It’s true that chain-link fences may be unsightly in some residential and commercial areas. Plus, because they don’t really provide much privacy, chain link fences can be less than functional, too. But rather than tearing out a fence completely and starting from scratch, why not provide a cost-effective option that provides all of the features your customers are looking for from their chain-link fence? 

Slats for chain link fence work with existing chain links to create a privacy fence for any yard or property. And because chain link fence slats come in so many styles, colors, and customizable options, your customers are sure to find a design they love. 

Here are just a few examples of fence slat options available from PrivacyLink: 

  • Slats for 2”, 3 ½”, and 5” mesh chain link fences, including 75, 85, 95, and 98% privacy options
  • Hedgelink slats for the look and appeal of real greenery
  • Aluminum slats
  • Chain link vinyl slats

These fence slat options are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs including bottom locking, top locking, self-locking, single wall, double wall, reflective inserts, and so much more. 

Chain Link Fence Slats From PrivacyLink

Your customers will be pleased with the quality PrivacyLink products you provide to help them get more out of their chain link fence plastic slats. Our goal is to help your business be successful by providing only the best fencing products money can buy. 

So what are you waiting for? Help your customers fall in love with the function and look of slats for chain link fences with our various privacy slat options. We look forward to serving you!

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