Simple Spring Additions For Your Landscape

Apr 19, 2024 | Uncategorized

PrivacyLink backyard fencing update
At PrivacyLink, we specialize in helping fence dealers offer the absolute best products for their customers. 


We’re often asked what our most popular product is, and the answer is always fence slats


This simple yet brilliant product can completely transform the look and function of any chain link fence. It’s always a good time to utilize fence slats, but spring is definitely a season when many homeowners are considering upgrades to their landscape. 


In addition to fence slats, here are some other creative, affordable ideas for a spring yard upgrade this year. 


Improve Your Landscape With These Affordable Ideas


  • Add mulch to flower beds. This is not only practical to help nourish and moisture soil, but adds a pop of color and a finished look 


  • Feature a new planter on a porch, deck, or flowerbed. You can buy one at the store, thrift one from your favorite spot, or repurpose a meaningful item like a wagon or a wheelbarrow to add character and a personal touch to your landscape. 


  • Spruce up an existing chain link fences with fence slats. These provide additional privacy, wind and weather protection, and aesthetic appeal.


  • Plant just one new tree to bring new life to your yard. 


  • Edge around your flower beds and walkways. You can also add pavers or dividers for clean, crisp lines.  


  • Install some accent lighting in flower beds, along walkways, or on porches, decks, and patios. The best part is, you don’t even need to deal with the hassle of wiring electrical elements. There are many battery or solar powered models, making this step even more easy and convenient. 


Fence Slats From PrivacyLink


PrivacyLink makes getting more out of your chain link fence a breeze! Our fence slats are available in a variety of widths, installation patterns, materials, and colors.


Our fence slats come pre-inserted when your chain link fence is installed, or can be added later as a simple yet impactful update for any landscape. 


We’re proud to offer this incredible product, and to deliver the quality and benefits it can bring to your landscape. 


Get your FREE price quote for fence slats today.

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