Should You Put Up a Chain Link Fence or Plant Hedges?

Aug 7, 2020 | Chain Link Fence

privacy slats for chain link fence

Fencing is important, there’s no question about that! Your clients may be facing the tough choice of planting a thick hedge or installing a fence for privacy around their home or business. When it comes to fencing, you have so many more options when it comes to appearance, maintenance, and privacy. Let’s dive into the options homeowners have today from privacy slats for chain link fences to the pros of green hedges.

How much time do you have?

If you have the patience to let a full and thick hedge grow, that might be a great option! Most living hedges take about a year or so to reach their full height. They can take longer to grow to a privacy level you are hoping for. For an instant privacy fix, you have many fencing options. From chain link, vinyl, or wood fence you can have a full fence up in a day. Examine each situation and pick the fence or hedge that works best for the timeline needs and wants.

When it comes to time, it’s also important to bring up fence and hedge maintenance. Chain link fences with fence slats offer little to no maintenance. While wood fences may need to be painted or stained occasionally, chain link privacy fencing is simple to keep up. Hedges usually require trimming every few months and proper shaping. Depending on your time and ability to maintain your fence and privacy it may influence your choice.

Where do you live?

Some hedges will not grow as well in certain areas or environments. Make sure when you are picking your hedge you select one specific to your area. When it comes to fencing, you have all the options anywhere. Chain Link Fences are easy to install and look great around any residency or business. You can choose your privacy level with chain link privacy slats and inserts. Our PrivacyLink chain link privacy slats even come pre-installed so setting up your new fence is a breeze. Examine your environment when choosing between a chain link privacy fence and a natural hedge option.

How much privacy do you want?

To offer full security as well as privacy, it is best to go with a fencing option vs. a hedge. If you have pets or are thinking of getting outdoor pets down the road, they could potentially slip through the fence. If you have a fear of animals getting to your garden, a hedge is also less secure. With chain link fence slats you choose the exact level of privacy you desire. With all different color options, your chain link privacy slats will not only look good but will be easy to maintain and install. Fences are better at keeping animals out or in the yard, while also delivering on a nice aesthetic with built-in privacy,

Consider all of your fencing and hedge options before making the perfect choice for your home. Consider our artificial Hedgelink fence slats for the pleasing look of a hedge with minimal maintenance as well.

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