Safety Product Options For Privacy Fence Slats

Mar 26, 2024 | Uncategorized

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PrivacyLink offers a variety of options for privacy fence slats


Our product offering suits every design need, function, style, and budget. Among our industry-leading privacy fence slats are chain link fence safety products to suit the needs of your customers. 


Safety Products For Chain Link Fences


Let’s take a look at three chain link fence safety products we proudly offer and the unique benefits they provide.


Safety Top Cap


Our Safety Top Cap finishes off chain link fences in areas like ballparks and schools while also providing protection from injury. 


The unique design covers the exposed barbs on top of the chain link fence and also acts as a decorative trim piece to give the fence a finished, polished look. 


Safety Top Caps are made of a durable, flexible plastic in an open tubular shape that can easily be snapped on and locked over the wire mesh. This highly durable product is designed to withstand harsh weather, sunlight, and impact. It’s often chosen in a standard safety-yellow color but also comes in nine other bright colors. 


Safety Top Cap Lite 


Safety Top Cap Lite is very similar to our premium Safety Top Cap but comes in a lighter, more affordable version. It’s still just as durable, serves the same functions, and is available in the same colors. 


Reflective Inserts 


The main function of our Reflective Fence Inserts is to alert moving traffic to an approaching fence or boundary line. 


Some of the most common places Reflective Fence Inserts are installed is at schools, commercial facilities, hospitals, airports, construction sites, entrance ways, residential driveways, and more. Reflective Fence Inserts can also be inserted in the shape of an arrow to help direct traffic. 


This excellent product is made of highly reflective, durable, weatherproof PVC laminated strips that are easy to install in chain link. They can be installed in various directions and in gold, silver, or red. 

Whatever your needs for privacy fence slats, PrivacyLink has the perfect product. Contact our team to get your free quote.

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