Tips For A Safe And Functional Play Area

Jan 31, 2022 | Chain Link Fence

Tips For A Safe And Functional Play Area
At PrivacyLink, we’re always here for tips to help you attract new customers and better serve your existing ones. With products like Noodle Link chain link fences with pre-inserted slats, you’re sure to not only meet their needs, but exceed their expectations. 

There are many useful ways to utilize this product in a variety of different residential and commercial environments, and today we’re looking at an option that’s quickly become one of the most popular. 

Noodle Link Fences For Play Areas

Creating a space for children to play both freely and safely requires some planning, but it can be simple with smart solutions. 

Noodle Link is a convenient option—a chain link fence with pre-inserted slats that come in a variety of slat and chain link colors. 

Of course, a top benefit of this product is that it provides safety for children by keeping them within a designated area. It also adds privacy that matters for play areas at schools, public parks, swimming pools, private backyards, and more.

Children can enjoy protection without the constriction of a solid fence. Light and a fresh breeze are still let in through these panels, but with 98% privacy and all the protection kids need from a fence. 

Noodle Link is also an extremely durable, low-maintenance fence option. This makes it great for kids!

And because of all the color options Noodle Link is available in, it can be customized for a bright, unique look. Choose school colors, or a shade that matches the rest of the play equipment. Customers can enjoy a fun, custom look with a fence that matches exactly what’s best for any particular landscape. 

Noodle Link From PrivacyLink 

If these benefits match the needs of your customers, PrivacyLink is here to deliver with premium Noodle Link fence products. 

Get started today with your FREE price quote for Noodle Link fencing from PrivacyLink!

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