PrivacyLink ®


How many fence slats are in a bag?

In most of the slats we offer, for 2 inch mesh there are 82 slats per bag, for 2 ¼” mesh there are 78 slats per bag.

How much does each bag cover?

In most of the slats we offer, each bag of slats will cover ten lineal feet of fence. Guaranteed!

What is the minimum order I can purchase for slats and factory inserted materials?

• For slats, it is a one bag minimum order

• For factory inserted material there is a 25 foot minimum order and then 5 feet after that.

What is the difference between FeatherLock® & Wing slat?

Our unique patented design on the FeatherLock® slats features a 10 inch self-locking section at the top of the slat which holds it in place without the need of a top or bottom track. The FeatherLock® slat offers approximately 80% privacy (based on wire/mesh used stretch tension). The FeatherLock® is the easiest slat to install. The Winged Slat® is designed with flexible and resilient wings positioned on each side of the slat body the whole length of the slat. Serrations are added to the wings for easier installation and locking power. The Winged Slat offers approximately 90% privacy (based on wire/mesh used stretch tension).

Where can I get OP panels?

The OP Panel is no longer manufactured.

Can I get PrivacyLink® in 50’ rolls?

No. Because of the diameter of the rolls, we are only able to manufacture 25’ rolls.

Can I get chain link fence with “Factory Inserted” Bottom Locking slats?

Yes, PrivacyLink offers Noodle Link Fence with “Factory Inserted Slats” in 2″ chain link mesh. Please click on for more information.

Why can’t you ship 10’ product UPS?

UPS Policy forbids shipping lengths longer than 8 foot tall.

What type of slats do you have?

Please visit the following link to see the wide variety of slats we offer. We offer slats to fill any need for your chain link fence. Click here to see our full line of: Decorative Privacy Fence Slats

What colors do you have for slats?

There are nine (9) standard colors for slats. We do offer special or custom colors which are subject to special pricing and additional lead times. Click on the following link to see available colors and other valuable information: Privacy Chain Link Fence Specifications

What are your slats made of?

Our slats are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene or HDPE. Color pigments and ultra violet (UV) inhibitors are added which are specifically formulated to retard the harmful effects of the sun and lengthen the life of the slats. There are two exceptions. The HedgeLink® slat is manufactured with a 16 gauge braided core wire and the “needles” are made with 3-mil PVC. The Aluminum Slat is manufactured from extruded aluminum with a gloss-baked enamel finish.