RhinoRock Concrete Fence

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RhinoRock is a uniquely designed concrete fence fabricated by combining a reinforced concrete outer shell with a structural foam core.

RhinoRock is a surprisingly lightweight, yet durable concrete fence. It can support over one and a half tons of water placed on the panel’s free-spanning face or the equivalent of a 140 mph wind load. Each 6 x 9 ft pane weighs only 270 pounds. For comparison, a solid concrete panel that is the same size weighs 25,000 pounds.

RhinoRock is known for being strong and durable due to its high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete outer shell. A small three-man crew can easily install 300-600 linear feet of RhinoRock daily by hand. This is a much more efficient process than installing a traditional concrete fence which requires a larger crew and heavy construction equipment. 

Believe it or not, RhinoRock Concrete Fence panels are durable and very affordable. Each 6 x 9 ft panel is manufactured to be 90% lighter than a traditional concrete fence panel. Less weight means less production, installation, and shipping costs. Did we mention it is easier to install? RhinoRock Concrete Fence panels are a great choice if your customers want a stone fence on a budget. If you are looking for the beauty of stone and the durability that premium contractors demand at a budget that homeowners want, RhinoRock Concrete Fence is the perfect choice for you.


General Features and Specifications

  • Panels come in 6 foot heights, but can be installed for 7 or 8 foot heights
  • Totally UV stable
  • Not affected by water
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Unaffected by seasonal temperature changes
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Green product – 50% of concrete material is made from recycled material
  • Panels offer the equivalent of a 140 mph wind load

Easy Installation!

Watch this informative video and learn how easy it is to install a RhinoRock concrete fence.

Available Colors

RhinoRock fence colors
All RhinoRock Concrete Fence panels ship in natural concrete color. Panels are stained on-site to create specific color combinations.

Factory staining available for an additional cost.

  • Bombay (highlight – Sandstone)
  • Brownstone (highlights – Porpoise, Fence Roast)
  • Natural Concrete
  • Dapper Tan (highlights – Terra Brun, Porpoise, Cardboard)
  • Dialogue (highlights – Porpoise, Terra Brun, Cardboard)
Rhino rock concrete fence specs
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