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The result is an unusually lightweight concrete fence. In fact, each 6 x 9-foot panel weighs just 270 pounds as compared to a solid concrete panel of equal size that weighs 2,500 pounds. Highly technical testing results show that these panels can support over one and a half tons of water placed on their free spanning face, or the equivalent of a 140 mph wind load.

The outer shell is made of high-performance fiber reinforced concrete, which gives you a strong, durable fence. and by combining the reinforced concrete with the structural foam core, you get a fence system that is much easier to install. A three man crew can install 300 to 600 linear feet per day, by hand, compared to a much larger crew that must rely on the use of cranes and heavy construction equipment to install a solid concrete fence.

RhinoRock Concrete Fence panels are much more affordable than you would think. Each panel is produced through a unique manufacturing process that creates a fence panel that is 90% lighter than a traditional concrete fence. Lower weight means lower production, installation, and shipping costs, and of course makes it easier to install. The cost of a RhinoRock Concrete Fence panel is considerably less than the traditional solid heavyweight panels, making it a great choice for those looking for a stone fence on a budget. After all, concrete fencing is the only way to get the beauty of stone, the weatheribility that contractors demand, and the low price that homeowners want.

General Features and Specifications

  • Panels come in 6 foot heights, but can be installed for 7 or 8 foot heights
  • Totally UV stable
  • Not affected by water
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Unaffected by seasonal temperature changes
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Is a green product – 50% of concrete material is made from recycled material
  • Panels offer the equivalent of a 140 mph wind load

Available Colors:

All panels ship natural concrete color. Panels are stained on site to create specific color combinations.

  • Bombay (highlight – Sandstone)
  • Brownstone (highlights – Porpoise, Fence Roast)
  • Natural Concrete
  • Dapper Tan (highlights – Terra Brun, Porpoise, Cardboard)
  • Dialogue (highlights – Porpoise, Terra Brun, Cardboard)

New easier installation process for 2016!

RhinoRock now uses a steel post insert that goes into the ground that the column sets are attached to by screws for added stability

RhinoRock Specifications
Dimension of panel 182cm x 259cm 72″ x 102″
Weight of panel 105 kg 270 lbs
Weight per area 21.5 kg/m2 4.9 lbs/ft2
Thickness of panel 115mm 4.5″
EPS foam core thickness 63mm – 95mm 2.5″ – 3.75″
Glass fiber reinforced concrete shell thickness 9mm 5/16″
Percent glass fiber by volume 4% – 4.50%
Comprehensive strength of proprietary concrete mix design 4 x 107N/m2 5800psi
Ultimate tensile strength of glass fiber reinforced concrete 9.6 x 106 – 1.4 x 107N/m2 1400psi – 2100psi
Wind load capacity of panel 225km per hr 140mph with 1.6 safety factor
Axial load capacity of panel 1,644kg per lineal meter 1100lbs per lineal foot
Moisture absorption of EPS foam core by total immersion < 4%
Combustibility of glass fiber reinforced shell non-combustible
Freeze/thaw performance 200 freeze thaw cycles with no damage
Derby, fungus, or mushroom attack None
Termite food source None