Safety Top Cap Lite®

Learn about our Safety Top Cap Lite® for chain link fencing

Affordable Protection For Chain Link Fences

This protective covering for chain link fences is a lighter, more affordable version of our premium Safety Top Cap®. With its unique teardrop shape, it provides the safety and protection required for many applications.

Safety Top Cap Lite® serves the same two primary purposes as Safety Top Cap® – protects against bodily injury by covering the exposed knuckles or barbs on the top of a chain link fence and serves as a decorative trim piece to complement any galvanized or color chain link fence.

General Features and Specifications:

Design – Lighter weight, yet still durable and flexible plastic in an open teardrop shape.

Installation – Simply “snap” over the top of the fence and lock to the wire mesh with zip ties (included with each package) through the four pre-drilled holes in each slat.

Uses – Primarily used in a safety-yellow color for baseball outfields, but is also growing in popularity at all athletic fields, parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, as well as in residential and commercial applications.

Durability – Manufactured using HDPE plastic with UV stabilizers, Top Caps are designed to endure high impact and to resist the harmful effects of the sun and severe weather conditions for many years of continued use.

safety top cap lite on chain link fence

End view of Safety Top Cap Lite®

Safety Top Cap Lite


safety top cap specs

Standard Cap Color

safety top cap yellow color option

Safety Top Cap® can also be specially ordered in these nine bright colors. Minimum quantities apply. 

safety top cap lite color options
safety top cap options
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