Reflective Inserts

Learn about our reflective inserts for chain link fences

Reflective Fence Inserts alert moving traffic to an approaching fenced-in area or boundary fence. 

Some exceptional uses include airports, hospitals, schools, commercial facility entranceways, construction sites, or residential driveways, wherever a fence forms a boundary line.

They are also an excellent means of directing traffic when they are inserted diagonally in the chain link fence to form the shape of an arrow. Headlights reflect very well off of the inserts to provide illumination of gates and fencing.

General Features and Specifications

Design – Each insert is made from rigid white PVC strips laminated with highly reflective, abrasion resistant, weatherproof tape.

Installation – Drill a small hole on each end and then easily thread the Reflective Insert through the chain link fabric. Slip a zip tie or hog ring through the small drilled hole and fasten to the chain link fabric.

These versatile inserts can be installed either diagonally, horizontally or vertically into chain link fence and they can be inserted in front of other fence inserts for maximum reflection.

Specifications – Each strip is 1.25” wide x .080” thick x 48” long. Longer lengths may be special ordered upon request – minimum quantities apply.

Warranty – 5-year pro-rata warranty against breakage under normal conditions.


  • Packaged in convenient poly-wrapped sets of 10 inserts per color (10-packs)

  • Four 10-packs per box (total 40 pieces) per color (Gold, Silver or Red)

  • Box size is 2” high x 5” wide x 50” long and weighs 11 lbs.

  • Minimum order is 1 box (40 inserts). May combine colors in groups of 10.

reflective slats for chain link fence safety



Reflective Fence

SpecificationsGalvanized Chain Link Mesh

Galvanized Chain Link Mesh reflective slat specs


Specifications Vinyl Coated Wire Mesh

vinyl coated Mesh reflective slat specs

Available Colors

safety reflective slat colors

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