Noodle Link Installation Instructions

Our simple process for assembling the frame work, top rail, loop caps, etc.

Step 1

connect chain link fence

To install Noodle Link fencing, begin by inserting the needle and connecting the rolls just as you would with a regular chain link fence. Then, stand the fence upright, aligning it with the posts and top rail. Loosely attach the fence to the top rail, and then proceed to attach the tension bar. Once the tension bar is in place, carefully stretch the wire into position. It’s important not to cut the noodle until you have successfully stretched the wire.

Step 2

insert slats into mesh

To install the slats, take the three (3) slats that come with each roll and insert them into the space created when hooking the two rolls or sections together using the wire needle provided.

Step 3

securing slats in factory inserted chain link mesh

Cut the excess noodle halfway between the two selvages where the two rolls or sections come together, so both ends of the noodle touch. Using the hog ring pliers, hog ring both ends of the noodle to the wire very tightly, making sure both ends are still touching to keep the noodle secure from moving in the wire.

Caution: Trimming the Noodle before stretching the wire may cause you to end up with not enough Noodle.

Step 4

hang the fence

Do not overlap the noodle, make sure the noodle ends are touching and then hog ring tightly. The hog rings must be very, very tight to prevent the noodle from moving in the wire.

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