Noodle Link Plus Installation Instructions

Learn how to assemble the frame work, top rail, loop caps, etc.

Step 1

installation instructions step 1
Insert the needle and connect the rolls same as regular chain link fence. Stand the fence up to the posts and top rail, loosely attach to the top rail, attach tension bar and stretch wire into place. Do not cut the noodle until you have stretched the wire.

Step 2

installation instructions step 2

Install the three (3) slats that come with each roll in the space created as a result of hooking the two rolls or sections together with the wire needle provided.

Step 3

installation instructions step 3

To secure the excess noodle, cut it in half at the midpoint between the two selvages where the two rolls or sections are joined together. Ensure that both ends of the noodle touch each other. Next, using hog ring pliers, tightly fasten both ends of the noodle to the wire, ensuring they remain in contact and securely preventing the noodle from shifting within the wire.

Caution: If you trim the Noodle before stretching the wire, you may end up with not enough Noodle.

Step 4

installation instructions step 4

Do not overlap the noodle, make sure the noodle ends are touching and then hog ring tightly. The hog rings must be very, very tight to prevent the noodle from moving in the wire.

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