PrivacyLink ®


It features lightweight single-wall Factory Inserted slats that are already in the wire when you receive your order and provide approximately 75% privacy. There isn’t privacy chain link fence that is easier to install or more affordable, because we do all of the hard work of slatting the fence for you. You have your choice of several wire weights and finishes, slat colors and heights. It also meets ASTM designations, and we guarantee it.

Available Chain Link Wire Colors:

Available Slat Colors:

Mix any color of slat with any color of wire. Colors are approximations. Exact representations of color on the web is difficult. Please refer to actual color samples for accurate matching. Samples available upon request.

All Noodle Link products are available in any combination of knuckle and twist selvage.

Noodle Link factory inserted fence slats with knuckle selvage
Noodle Link factory inserted fence slats with twist selvage