Patriot Welded Wire Fence

Learn about Jerith Products' Patriot steel wire fence

Jerith’s wire fence has heavy wires and horizontal rails that create strength and rigidity to your fence. 

Unlike other ornamental fencing options, Jerith Patriot™ Welded Wire Fence is made of galvanized and powder-coated steel for increased outdoor durability. It also has heavy-duty wires and horizontal rails to add strength and rigidity to the fence. One section of Jerith Patriot™ Welded Wire Fence can hold over 500 pounds without permanent deformation. 

We offer a variety of different patterns, all based on the vertical wires used in the mesh. The 2 and 4-gauge wires are spaced 3 1/2 inches apart to create an open appearance, causing the fence to blend in with its background. The 6-gauge wire fence has a 1 3/4 inch space between the wires, which makes it hard to climb and meets most building codes for swimming pool enclosures.

Patriot™ Ornamental Wire Fence provides attractive, durable, maintenance-free security for residential, commercial, industrial, and multi-family applications.

Jerith Patriot™ Welded Wire Fence

General Features and Specifications:

  • Galvanized steel for outstanding durability and protection against all kinds of weather and climate conditions.
  • Environmentally safe, FenceCoat™ powder coat finish twice as thick as paint, more durable, and fade and scratch resistant.
  • Wires twice as thick as chain link.
  • 2, 4, and 6 gauge wire welded at every intersection for strength and security.
  • Available in a wide variety of patterns based on the vertical wire used in the mesh and the height of the fence.
  • Patented mesh designs that give the fence style and elegance.
  • Matching gates for all styles made at the job site using panels cut to size.
  • Eight year warranty.
Jerith Patriot™ Welded Wire Fence specifications

Available Colors:

Patriot Steel Wire Fence Color

This color swatch is only an approximation. Please refer to actual color sample for final matching.

Jerith Patriot™ Welded Wire Fence style guide
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